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Gramática Básica

Gramática Básica - eBook - $37.95

Item # GP0003E

Basic Spanish Grammar is presented in this 312-page reproducible book. It is appropriate for grades 3 - 12. Phonetic sounds are covered in the first chapter and continues with grammar rules in the following 28 chapters. Each chapter has examples and exercises to reinforce and facilitate instruction. Grade: 3-5

Sustantivos y Artículos

Sustantivos y Artículos - eBook - $11.95

Item # GP0005E

Basic Spanish nouns, definite and indefinite articles are introduced in this 53-page reproducible book for grades 1-12. Grammatical explanations are included and followed by simple examples. The book offers a variety of entertaining exercises to actively engage the student’s attention. Grade: 2-4

Los Adjetivos

Los Adjetivos - eBook - $11.95

Item # GP0006E

The correct use of adjectives (descriptive, possessive, demonstrative, of quantity/nationality, etc.) in Spanish is presented in an easy and fun way throughout this 53-page reproducible book. Written for grades 2 - 12, it includes a variety of exercises, crossword puzzles, reading selections and much more. Grade: 2-4

El Acento Escrito

El Acento Escrito - eBook - $14.95

Item # GP0008E

The application of the written accent in the Spanish language is presented in a clear and concise manner in this reproducible 47-page book for grades 1-12. It begins by explaining how to divide words into syllables and progresses to teach all the rules that apply. This book is a handy guide for those struggling with the correct use of the written accent. Grade: 3-12

El Presente del Indicativo

El Presente del Indicativo - eBook - $13.95

Item # GP0012E

This 67-page book teaches the use of regular, irregular and stem changing common verbs in the present indicative. Through the use of exercises, students will acquire skills that will help him/her understand other verb tenses. Grade: 4-12

Los Sinónimos

Los Sinónimos - eBook - $14.95

Item # GP0013E

In this 55-page reproducible book, students will learn the use and meaning of synonyms through numerous exercises, activities and crossword puzzles. It concludes with a list of additional common synonyms, answer key and a Spanish/English list of vocabulary words used in this book. Grade: 4-12

Los Antónimos

Los Antónimos - eBook - $14.95

Item # GP0014E

By using entertaining exercises and activities in this 56-page reproducible book, students will be able to understand the significance and the use of antonyms. It concludes with a list of additional common antonyms, answer key and a Spanish/English list of vocabulary words used in this book.
Grade: 4-12

La Puntuación en el Español

La Puntuación en el Español - eBook - $17.95

Item # GP0018E

Use this concise, reproducible book to guide your students as they learn the basic punctuation rules in the Spanish language and the most obvious differences from the English language. Examples and practice exercises follow each rule. An answer key is included, plus Pocketchart activities and samples of enlarged punctuation marks. Grade: 4-12

El Subjuntivo

El Subjuntivo - eBook - $24.95

Item # GP0030E

This book contains 3 chapters: the first chapter explains the formation of “El Presente del Subjuntivo” and introduces verbs and expressions that require the use of the subjunctive, the second chapter presents the commands – formal, familiar, affirmative and negative, the third chapter contains the use of : el Pretérito Perfecto del Subjuntivo, el Imperfecto del Subjuntivo, el Pluscuamperfecto del Subjuntivo, la Secuencia de Tiempos Verbales y Oraciones Condicionales. Teachers will find the instruction given in this book helpful both for understanding and for teaching this subject. Grade: 5-12

Nuestras Raíces

Nuestras Raíces - eBook - $45.00

Item # GP7000E

Spanish for Heritage Seekers is an introductory 505 page Spanish language textbook designed for the bilingual Mexican American student. The primary aim of this book is to provide the bilingual student with the knowledge and awareness of the differences and similarities between the Spanish he/she may be familiar with and the standard forms of the written/spoken Spanish. Each of the 14 chapters includes a reading selection based on themes dealing with Hispanic heritage (geography, history & culture). Incorporated in these chapters are traditional instruction in grammar and exercises primarily designed to increase the student’s vocabulary as well as his/her reading comprehension. This book is appropriate for upper grades. Grade: 6-12