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Spanish Reading Comprehension Books

Spanish reading comprehension books include bilingual books

Reading comprehension books in this series contain reading passages followed by question and answer activities for each selection. Books are available for grades 1-12. Two bilingual books are included, Lecturitas Básicas I-A and Lecturitas Básicas I-B.

Our books are Common Core compliant, meet TEKS requirements and support the required state standards. All material is original and written at the request of teachers who expressed a need for Spanish learning resources.

General Spanish Reading Comprehension

Item # GP0010

Lecturas, la Herencia Hispana


Fourteen reading selections based on Hispanic heritage and extraordinary Hispanic persons are presented in this reading comprehension book. Each reading selection is followed by a list of questions that test comprehension through multiple choices with bubble answer format. This 71-page reproducible book is ideal for use in preparation for test taking in reading. It is appropriate for the primary grades. Grade: 3-4

Item # GP0011

Lecturitas Básicas I


The objective of this book is to provide short readings with commonly used terminology that will help the student to develop his/her vocabulary and his/her reading comprehension. It contains 58 different readings. These are divided into two parts; “Formando oraciones” and “Contestando preguntas”. It increases in complexity with each new reading. It is excellent for beginning reading classes. Grades K-1

Item # GP0011B

Lecturitas Básicas II


Thirty eight reading selections in this 53 page reproducible book are introduced to increase reading comprehension and to teach facts on a variety of subjects, including natural sciences. The exercises require that the student match synonymous sentences in sequence. This book is ideal for grades 2-5 and useful for secondary Spanish language students. Grade: 1-2

Bilingual Books

Item # GP0011ES1

Lecturitas Básicas I-A (Spanish/English)


This is a basic (gr. K-1) 68-page book of short reading selections in both Spanish and English with fill-in the blank sentences to test reading comprehension. Span./Eng. Grade: K-1

Item # GP0011ES2

Lecturitas Básicas I-B (Spanish/English)


This is a 68-page book which is a continuation of Lecturitas I-A and contains reading selections in both Spanish and English. Each selection has a set of questions based on the reading to assess comprehension. It is appropriate for grades 1-2 or for beginning Spanish. Span./Eng. Grade: 1-2

General Spanish Reading Comprehension

Item # GP0019

Comprensión de Lecturas II


This 79-page book is designed to provide activities that help 3rd/4th grade students improve their reading fluency and comprehension. Twelve reading selections and related questions follow the general format of current standardized tests. Grade: 3-4

Item # GP0021

Comprensión de Lecturas I


This 79-page Reading Comprehension book in Spanish was designed for use in helping 2nd/3rd grade students develop their reading fluency and in preparing them to take standardized tests. Included in this book are eight reading selections in distinct formats with multiple choice questions. An answer key and blank answer page are found in the back of the book. Grade: 2-3

Item # GP0028

Lecturas, Hispanos Ejemplares


The material in this Spanish language book has been designed to help the student to increase his/her vocabulary, to read more fluidly and to improve his/her reading comprehension. It contains six reading selections. Each selection has three parts; Before Reading, The Reading Selection and Multiple Choice Questions. The format is similar to that used in reading comprehension standardized tests. Grade: 4-5

Figurative Language

Item # GP0023

El Lenguaje Figurado


This 59-page book on Figurative Language in Spanish is intended to help the student in the primary grades to understand, interpret and use figurative language. Material covered in this book includes; making and explaining inferences, drawing conclusions, making predictions, recognizing clues, similes, & metaphors. An answer key is included. Grade: 4-12

Cause and Effect

Item # GP0007

Causa y Efecto


The activities presented in this 34 page reproducible book will help students to better understand the relationship between cause and effect. Grade: 3-5


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