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Spanish teaching resources include reproducible phonics books

In response to the needs for Spanish teaching material in the primary grades, the phonics books were developed to assist with instruction at the very basic level of learning a language, K-2. Fonética Primaria introduces the basic sounds of the alphabet using catchy rhymes, attractive illustrations and engaging exercises. These same rhymes and illustrations are available in a separate book form and also as colorful charts.

Manual de Fonética is written at the level of grades 1-2. The reproducible exercises and illustrations support the review and the learning of the key phonetic sounds that are the foundation of the Spanish language.

Manual de Fonetica

Manual de Fonetica - $25.95

Item # GP0001

Basic Spanish phonetic sounds are introduced in this 209-page, reproducible resource book. Lively illustrations, fun exercises, rhymes and more reinforce the use and presentation of letters and pronunciation. Manual de Fonetica is appropriate for grades 1-3 and for older first-time Spanish learners. Grade: 1-2

Grupos Consonánticos

Grupos Consonánticos - $10.95

Item # GP0002

The use of Spanish blends in some common words is introduced in this 35-page reproducible book and reviewed through illustrations and exercises. This book is useful for the primary grades. Grade: K-1

Fonética Primaria

Fonética Primaria - $29.95

Item # GP0004

Teaching how to read, write and sound out each letter of the Spanish alphabet is simplified in this 220 page reproducible book for grades K-2. Each letter presented is supported with exercises, illustrations and a
catchy rhyme. Grade: K-1

Rimas del Alfabeto, Rimas Sencillas

Rimas del Alfabeto, Rimas Sencillas - $10.95

Item # GP0025

This book is a collection of the rhymes used in GP0004 – Fonética Primaria. Each letter of the alphabet is presented with an illustration and accompanying rhyme. Reproducible pages are perfect for sending copies home with the student or for individual/group class work in centers. Grade: K-1