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Spanish Miscellaneous Resource Books

Teach rhyming, spelling, word usage and more with fun activities

Rhyming words, creating poems, reading poetry and interpreting poems are all possible activities that your students can enjoy with some of the books featured in this section.  They can also add new vocabulary words with Jugando con Palabras and improve their spelling skills with La Ortographia en el Espanol.

To improve their writing skills, the students can enjoy editing paragraphs with La Radaccion de Parafos Breves and they can be challenged daily with Repaso Diario del Lenguaje, a daily oral language review.

Rhyming and Poetry

Item # GP0009

Palabras que Riman


Rhyming words in this reproducible 54-page book present a fun challenge using exercises and pictures that allow the students to add colorful words to their vocabulary. A guide on how to write a Spanish poem, a Spanish/English list of vocabulary words and a helpful list of rhyming words are included in the back of the book. It is appropriate for instruction in the primary grades. Grade: 2-3

Item # GP0022

Rimas de los Números, Cardinales y Ordinales


Rhymes of Cardinal (0-20) and Ordinal Numbers (1-10) are presented in Spanish in this 120 page book. The student will have the opportunity to learn and use the numbers in context while adding to and improving his/her vocabulary by using the exercises included after each rhyme. Additionally, grammatical explanations are interspersed within the exercises to help the student understand correct sentence structure. Grade: K-1

Item # GP0029

Poemas y Dramas en Verso


The objective of this book is to present a variety of poems and poetic dramas that will help students to understand, create and appreciate poetry. The complexity of the poems start with elemental material and progress to more advanced. The themes used are diverse. For the poetic dramas, a variety of actors are included to allow more students to participate. The first part of the book includes: what is a poem? types of poems and verses, parts of a poem, how to write a poem, preparation and practice before reading a poem. This is followed by 45 poems, 9 poems with free verse and 11 poetic dramas. Grade: 4-5


Item # GP0020

Jugando con Palabras


Playing with words is the focus of this 75 page book that is appropriate for a variety of grade levels (2-12). Pages 3-26 are instructions and they include a guide for each activity. Pages 27-75 are individual fun activities using manipulative cards that will help the student form, pronounce, spell and learn commonly used words in Spanish. Grade: 3-12

Item # GP0027

La Ortografía del Español


The Spanish language is phonetic and most words are spelled the way they sound. Based on this premise, this 54-page book presents the learning process of spelling words by reviewing the sounds of the vowels, the consonants and their blends to show how a student can learn to spell any word he/she is trying to say or to write. Exercises are included that reinforce the use of the different sounds. Grade: 3-12


Item # GP0026

La Redacción de Párrafos Breves (Editing Paragraphs)


This is a 55-page book that contains 22 reading selections that have common errors made by individuals learning a language. Each selection is followed by the correction with numerous notes explaining the rule for each error. Grade: 4-12

 Daily Oral Language

Item # GP0024

Repaso Diario del Lenguaje


Daily oral language review is the intention of this 68-page reproducible book in Spanish. It contains 105 daily reviews that have 4 activities for a total of about 10 minutes per review. These activities will reinforce the rules learned in previous lessons, especially in the areas of grammar, writing, vocabulary and reading comprehension. Answer keys are included after every 5 reviews. Grade: 2-4


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